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Below is a list of compliance information for the materials used in my products.
SlingRings brand Rings
Poly-fil fiberfill
Printed Labels
manufacturer verifies lead-free
Woven Labels
manufacturer verifies lead-free

KAM resin snaps
Test Date: October 10, 2008
Test ID: SHAO 032340
Tester: TESTEX Zurich

Stretchrite Elastic
Rhode Island Textile Company
PO Box 999
Pawtucket, RI 02862
Toll Free: (800) 556-6488

FOE (fold-over-elastic)
manufacturer verifies it's lead-free

A&E Maxi-Lock thread
certificate of compliance from
John Eapan sent the certificate (VP of Environmental, Health and Safety)

The following shirt blanks are CPSIA compliant
Rabbit Skins
Fruit of the Loom

The following fabrics are CPSIA compliant

Fabrite 1ml PUL
Test Date: December 11, 2008
Test ID: 081211-1 thru 081211-5

Fabrite 2ml PUL
Test Date: December 11, 2008
Test ID: 081211-11 thru 081211-15

Testing for the following fabrics has been performed by the supplier (S).  Our suppliers have provided us with test results proving their fabric is CPSIA compliant. 

CPSIA compliant results would mean the following

  • Lead--less than 100ppm and/or Flammability--rated as a Class I Material
  • Lead testing is not required for most fabrics (unless they are painted or metallic).

COTTON VELOUR  ( passed flammability)

BAMBOO VELOUR  ( passed flammability)

WINDPRO FLEECE  (passed flammability)

PRINTED PUL  (BABYVILLE:  passed lead, BPA free and phthalate free)

PUL COATING ON OUR PRINTED PUL  ( passed lead and phthalates)

HEMP/BAMBOO FLEECE  (passed flammability)

BAMBOO FLEECE  (passed flammability)

BAMBOO VELOUR  (passed flammability)

BAMBOO FRENCH TERRY  ( passed flammability)

This is the following statement from the supplier on the fabrics listed below:

This product is made to comply with CPSIA. Guaranteed not to impede CPSIA lead/phthalates certification when used in children's articles.

There is currently no flammability test on these fabrics from the supplier.  So in order for the finished product to be CPSIA compliant they cannot be used as an outer layer on diapers, unless the knit side is facing out.  However they can be used as a hidden layer or lining and items that are not apparel.  This supplier is addressing getting flammability testing performed on these fabrics.  We will update when those results are in.

ATHLETIC MESH  (S: Statement of compliance; 100% Polyester, flammability exempt)

SOLID PUL  (S:  Statement of compliance)

HEMP/COTTON FLEECE  (S:  Statement of compliance)

ORGANIC COTTON SHERPA  (S:  Statement of compliance)

ORGANIC COTTON FLEECE  (S:  Statement of compliance)

ZORB  (S:  Statement of compliance)

BAMBOO LINING FLEECE  (S:  Statement of compliance)

WICKING JERSEY  (S:  Statement of compliance)

COTTON FRENCH TERRY  (S:  Statement of compliance)

As confirmed by :
Linnea Catalan
Executive Director
Baby Carrier Industry Alliance (BCIA)

Currently there is no legal requirement to have the finished product tested.  That will be a requirement once the ASTM standard becomes mandatory (in the US).  Providing all components have been tested and records are in order, and that tracking information is provided and product registration is in place, a finished product is considered to be in compliance with the current CPSIA/CPSA standards.

Lead testing is not required for most fabrics (unless they are painted or metallic).

The Cat's Meow: A Shop for Mother and Baby is currently in the process of conforming to all CPSIA/CPSA and ASTM standards for our Baby Carriers and will be in total compliance with test certificates once testing becomes mandatory.
At this time all tracking and warning labels, required instructional literature and product registration complies with the current standards.  In addition we are confident that even though our carriers have not been formally lab tested, they will pass all required safety tests, based on the established standards.  I have also been personally using my carriers for my own children for nearly the past nine years.  They have withstood numerous washings and almost daily wear for the duration of that time through three children. I continue to wear my 4 year old and 2 year old on a regular basis and even occasionally sling up my 8 year old for short periods of time upon request.

Here is some additional information from Neal Cohen at CPSC regarding flammability testing.

    Testing exemptions:  Many commonly available textiles used in wearing apparel do not require flammability testing to show compliance with the Standard; certain listed fabrics meet the requirements of the Standard based on their fabric weight or fiber content, 16 CFR §1610.1(d).  From years of testing, we know the following types of fabrics will always pass the flammability test:

1.  Plain surface textile fabrics, regardless of fiber content, weighing 2.6 ounces per square yard or more. (So, as cotton velour, cotton fleece, cotton sherpa, bamboo fleece, hemp fleece, bamboo velour is NOT a plain surface fabric, it must be TESTED to show compliance.  The testing may be from a CPSC-accepted laboratory or, for registered small batch manufacturers, from another laboratory.  And I want to be absolutely clear -- cotton velour, cotton french terry, cotton sherpa and cotton fleece, etc – may be perfectly compliant with no problem but must it must be tested to show that it is compliant.)

 2.  All fabrics, both plain surface and raised-fiber surface, regardless of weight, made entirely from any of the following fibers or entirely from the combination of the following fibers:  acrylic, modaacrylic, nylon, olefin, polyester, and wool

A large percentage of materials are exempted from testing under these two exemptions.  There is no requirement to have the fabric weight or the fiber content identified by a CPSC- accepted laboratory. 

There is also a pre-recorded webcast video for “cloth diaper manufacturers” in the “Presentation” section at  

And, there is a “exemption” for “small batch manufacturers” that register with the CPSC.  This exemption relieves you of testing certain materials at a CPSC-accepted laboratory if you have already have written assurances that the product complies.  You can learn more at


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