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Hi Jenn,
The Mei Thai you made has incredible workmanship. I'm so impressed how comfortable it is. Thanks again and thank you for the added goodies.
Lareina and Morley
HI Jenn!
 I got the shirt today and it is GORGEOUS!!! Thank you so much for the fast work and prompt shipping!!!!!  I cannot wait to use it when my baby girl comes!!  I will definitely be looking at your site for future purchases! :)

Hey, Jenn,
I thought of you earlier today. I went into a yarn shop and my four year old wanted to ride in his Cat's Meow Onbuhimo. So onto my back he went. Wink Thanks for making such a fabulous product!

I have been meaning to email you for a few weeks now.  Just wanted to say thanks for the podegi.  We absolutely love it.  We use it all the time and its one of the few things that sets my little man off to sleep.  Thanks so much and I look forward to doing business with you again sometime soon.
My package came today and I love it!! I couldn't be happier:) The colors and prints were absolutely spot on, the quality superb, so Thanks!! I will be back for sure:)

Hi there
I wanted to tell you I got my order today!!!! And wow, I'm in love with those minky dipes... they are just so cute!!!!!!
DH is really impressed, he thinks they are adorable too.
I do love the ring sling... its super comfy. I had a doctor appt today and we took it for a test drive. Everyone said she was so mellow... and she was very happy in it... and i was happy I wasn't trying to use my 5.5 M Leo as a robozo, lol... Its going to be great for our vacation in april (we're going to be hanging out by the pool for a couple of days)... not to mention this summer in our pool at home.

Thanks for the extra little goodies too, that was sweet of you!!
if you don't mind, I'd love to take some action shots and post them on DS and TBW with a rave for you... you really did a great job!

Thanks again,
I just got the shirt last night and love it.  You will definitely be my go-to person for embroidery!  Thanks so much.

--  Cherilyn

I order twice a year from The Cat's Meow (Summer and Winter Wool) because Jenn has the BEST customer service ever! 
This order I got a pair of olive wool cargo pants, 2 shirts, and a musical blankie that has helped us soooo much with bedtime!
The pants are perfect and exactly what I has in mind!
Thanks Jenn!
Jenn was quick to respond to PMs and extremely easy to work with! She quickly finished the shirt and mailed it off!

The color of the shirt and the embroidery is just what was requested, and the shirt has a nice soft (not stiff) feel. My daughter and I couldn't be happier with the outcome, and my daughter is pickier than I!
--Mary (MunchkinWear)
Wow, I am really impressed, and I'm not one who impresses easily. I placed my order not all that long ago... had 6 fitteds in there along with a couple other things. My package was in my mailbox today! The fitteds are awesome, nice and thick. I can't wait to try them on dd. I finally have some beautiful dipes!
I got some great recycled longies from The Cat's Meow on HC
These were custom made and only cost me $13!! The wool is of great quality and the stitching is impeccable.
I wanted to tell you that I got the diapers Tuesday and am IN LOVE with them. Honestly, and this is the honest truth, they are the BEST diapers I have EVER used in my life. The fit on my HUGE toddler is unbelivable, the snaps snap all the way with the crossover, she can wear these forever.
I am so happy and can't WAIT to order more. I loved the longies too, they are so cute. Thank you so much for the beautiful wipe, lanolin and soap and bum wash. I loved it all and it was very sweet of you to include those.
I am truley in love with everything in the package. I will recomend your diapers EVERYWHERE I go, wow is all I can say.
I can't wait to order more, if your up to it I will probably order six
more the first week of March so that I can have a total of 12 so that would be a full days worth.

Hi Jenn!

I bought two pair of sweater longies from you early this Fall. We love them!!!! I saw you posted today so I thought I'd send you a PM. I use them a LOT. DD even sleeps in them sometimes.

Oh! And the purple ones are SO soft!!!! I think they might be cashmere. I also bought some striped w/ sparkly thread in them. They rock.

When I first got them, I thought the waist elastic could be thicker???? nope. What you used is perfect. I ordered them for my older dd.(w/o measuring) but they wound up being perfect for the baby.


Just wanted to say thanks.

Dance with me, ladies!!

I got Jenn's (Cat's Meow) Mei Tai today.

I am HOOKED! Hooked, I tell ya. I put it on, popped Emily in, and it was like I wasn't even carrying her. Unbelievable. Love the MT design, and I love the one Jenn made. It's so beautiful and comfortable.

I have to get Emily used to being carried--she tends to protest after a few minutes. And I think I'll also get a smaller-bodied one at some point for the times when she's awake and alert. But this one is very snuggly and fits her beautifully for when she's going to be sleepy or cuddly. It's ideal, since Emily likes to be held and moved while going to sleep. I can just walk around the house with her and wear her down to sleep.

I am just SO excited! Thank you, Jenn, for a gorgeous first Mei Tai!!

(BTW, this one will never, ever be on FSOT.)

Ah, but this MT rocks. Jenn does great work, and it's awesome to choose your favorite reversible patterns from her huge selection. It's OOAK! 



I received my sling on Wednesday and I LOVE IT! I have a 28lb 11-month-old and have tried several carriers. Your combination of padding and less bulk is exactly what I've been looking for. Your slings are so affordable I've been telling everyone with kids about your site. I can't wait until October so see the silk line. Thank you for you wonderful product and prompt service. I WILL be ordering again.


Wanted to let you know that I received my Padded Purrfect Mei Tai yesterday. I love it! I’m already addicted to it, it is so much more comfortable than trying to tote around a 17lb baby with one arm while trying to do other things with the other arm.


I love the scalloped edge and all of the padding.


As I said before, as soon as I get some pictures of Ashlie in it, I will email you.





My husband and I ordered a mei tai on Ebay.  We received it today and are very pleased with the quality and the amounting of padding!






I got it today...WOW that was fast!  I LOVE IT!  It's kind of hard to tell what the fabrics look like on the website, the first one wasn't quite what I thought it would be but the fabric on this one is gorgeous and I really like it!  Thanks for being so speedy!!!!!




Got mine a few days ago and they are GREAT!  Loved the musical addition!  Thanks!
I got a GORGEOUS GORGEOUS Cozy Cuddler Baby sling from The Cat's Meow in this absolutely beautiful dark red color. Ooooh it's so pretty! And THEN I have a wonderfully soft minkee (!!!!) MT with blue, gold/tan, and white stripes!! Pretty pretty pretty!!! The sling will be PERFECT for dh's Christmas party. The MT is what I'll be wearing ds around in all day today!

Thank you sooooo much Carrier Fairy!! And do AWESOME work! Thanks so much!!




 I  just wanted to email you to let you know that I received your MT that you made for me and I absolutely love it!! It is so beautiful and I am very excited that I chose it for my very first sling. I used it yesterday and with all the advice and help you gave me I was able to use it comfortably the first time I tried it and my little one absolutely loved it!! He fell asleep on me the first time he was in it. I left you some positive feedback at babywearers forum for you and I will definately be ordering another from you very soon. As soon as my hubby gets our
digital camera from work and brings it home, I will take some pictures of your beautiful MT and my little one in it!! Thank you for everything and I really appreciate all you have done to welcome me to the joys of babywearing!!


I had a nice little box in the mail this morning! I JUST LOVE IT. What a great job you do! We were on our way to a baby shower and my little guy rode around in the mei tei during the shower, and we both thought it was just great! Got lots of compliments, too!

So...THANKS! Anyways, just wanted to write and let you know how much I am liking it!!!!!

I got the MT. It is so nice! Very pretty and so well made. I'm going to leave feedback right now. Thank you so much for trading me. I love it! I've even shown a few people how to use it already and I may have to guard it pretty closely since they are really liking it!

I'll definitely be referring people to you!


I got my pouch today! Its perfect...fits like it was made for me! Thanks so much!

The pouch arrived on Friday. Thank you it is beautiful.
After my sizing concerns it is actually slightly big which will be fine as she grows.  I know it got it to me safely and quickly. I happily paid it and love my pouch. Thanks again, I may be in the market again and I'll keep you in mind.


I do really like the MT!  It looks great but the best thing is how it *feels* I'm not wearing anything at all.  And that's saying a lot considering that I'm carrying a taller-than-average and heavier-than-average 12 month old.


Thanks for the help, as always,




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Wow! I just got my mei tai from Jenn today. It took less than a week to order it and receive it. I highly recommend her product. It's a beautiful mei tai. I used it right away and I just love the padded shoulders! Thanks for great service and a great product.


Super, super fast! Jenn was great at answering all of my MT questions and helped me choose the right color combinations. We emailed on Wednesday, Jenn made it on Thursday and mailed it on Friday! I was loving wearing it in less than a week from the day I ordered. I love the MT and am already planning what I will order next. Thanks Jenn!



I ordered my Mei Tai from Jenn and recieved very quickly. She answered tons of questions for me (always super fast responses) and was an absolute pleasure to work with. I LOVE my mei tai and will be ordering from Jenn again very soon. Thanks!



I am new to babywearing and I just bought my very first sling and I absolutely LOVE it!! Jenn did such a beautiful job and I received it in no time! The quality is exceptional and she was very patient with all of my millions of questions and answered all of them. With all of her help and advice i was able to use my mei tai on the very first try and it was so comfortable. My baby is 3 weeks old and loves it just as much as I do. Great product, great price, great quality, great turn around!! I will definately be ordering from Jenn again! Thank you so much for giving me such a warm welcome to the joys of babywearing!!



I am so thrilled with my order, I can't even explain. The quality is really exceptional and her attention to detail is just unreal!!!!! I will be ordering all of my diaper needs from her and plan to get some slings asap.....she great, people!!!!!!! Very fast turnaround and these are made to pleased! Thanks Jenn!!!



Great communication. Wonderful to deal with. Was very helpful with my questions (and speedy with getting back to me). Super fast shipping as well. Thanks!



Jenn was great to deal with. My Purrfect Mei Tai shipped in record time and Jenn responded to all my follow up questions. Even offered to have me come meet with her if I was having trouble figuring some carries out.

More feedback is available through my Hyena Cart Shop and my Etsy Store.

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