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Diaper Bags


A Traditional diaper bag in fun fabrics.....purrfect for diapering on the go!

The Cat's Meow Diaper Tote fits all your necessary items in a convenient, lightweight shoulder tote.  The purrfect size for carrying wipes, Quilted Baby Changing Pad, a supply of diapers, blanket, baby toys, keys, wallet, etc., even your Cat's Meow Baby Carrier when not in use. Yet, it's small enough to be worn comfortably, even while wearing your baby. The long dual tote straps allow the bag to be worn at a convenient and comfortable level.  Features snap closure.
Also available as our roomier Deluxe model features 3 outer pockets, 3 inner pockets, a zippered inner compartment purrfect for mom's valuables, and an elastic accessory loop.  Purrfect organization in a spacious, yet fashionable bag.

Available in a wide array of fabrics/colors. Machine washable.


Wetbags and Wipes
Wetbags--Made with your choice of decorative fabric treated with a waterproofing agent & lined with Procare waterproof fabric OR decorative single-layer waterproof PUL, the Cat's Meow zippered wetbag is the purrfect cloth diapering accessory to store wet and soiled diapers while you're on the go.  Stash one in your car or diaperbag to keep wetness in and other surrounding items dry.  Available in 3 convenient sizes* to suit all your diapering needs, including large for the day out, medium for quick trips and a small/wipes size for storing our Dear Dear Dupas 2-ply flannel wipes.
*Large and Medium size bags also feature a small mirofiber square for applying essential oils for odor control.
Wipes-- Choose from boyish, girly, or gender neutral.
These wipes are 2-ply flannel and measure approx. 7.5" square.


Belt and Wrist Bags


Need a place for your keys, wallet and cell phone? 
  Traditional bags can be bulky and uncomfortable, especially when using a baby carrier.  The Cat's Meow Belt Bag gives you the purrfect place to stash those items you can't live without while you're out and about.  With snap straps, it snaps or slides easily onto your belt or even the waist straps of your Cat's Meow Mei Tai.  The straps can also be snapped to each other to form a single handle, so the bag can be used as a purse.  Large enough to carry wallet, keys, cell phone, and even a diaper & wipes, whatever you need on the go. And, with button flap closure, you won't need to worry about items falling out. 
The Cat's Meow Wrist Bag gives you the purrfect place to stash those items you can't live without while you're out and about.  With a single snap strap, it snaps or slides easily onto your wrist, belt or even the ring of your Cat's Meow Ring Sling.   Large enough to carry wallet, keys, and cell phone...whatever you need on the go. And, with your choice of button, single or double snap closure, you won't need to worry about items falling out.  
Available in a wide array of fabrics to coordinate with your carrier or stand alone. Choose your closure style from Button, Snap or Dual Snap.  Machine Washable.


Changing Pads

Public Restroom changing stations never seem to have the liners...You're on the go with no suitable place to change your baby...Don't want to stain your bed linens or furniture upholstery...
The Quilted Baby Changing Pad is designed to be a soft barrier between your baby and any surface.  Take one in your diaper bag, keep one at home, in the car, a spare for when the other is in the wash...
Available in a wide array of fabrics and colors. Machine Washable.
Also available with a Tune. Simply press the corner of the changing pad and comfort, soothe, and/or entertain your "squirmy" baby.
Avail. Tunes
O Surprise Me
P Over the Rainbow
Q Twinkle Twinkle
R Rock-a-bye Baby
S Love Story
T Take me...Ballgame
U God Bless America
V Teddy Bear's Picnic
W Small World
X You Light Up My Life
Y Music Box Dancer
Z Brahms' Lullaby

Burp Cloths

Measuring approximately 10.5" x 23" these 2-ply flannel burp cloths are the purrfect size for protecting clothing, catching baby's "oopsies" and cleaning up a variety of spills, drips, and drools.  Available in an assortment of colors and embroidered designs.  Look for these to become available as a custom item sometime soon.

Shopping Cart Covers

Tired of unsanitary shopping carts and grimey restaraunt high-chairs? 
 Shopping Cart Covers by The Cat's Meow are the purrfect solution!
Our shopping cart cover allows your little one to sit in comfort and style, without the danger of picking up germs from the cart seat and/or handle.  Simply place the cover into the seat of the shopping cart, aligning the leg holes with the leg area of the cart.  Then bring edges over and around the handle and seat back.  Elastic edging allows the cover to fit carts of all sizes.  Can also be used in restaraunt high-chairs.  Available in a wide selection of fabrics.  Machine Washable.


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