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Cloth Nursing Pads

Cloth--Available in a variety of fabrics, our cloth nursing pads are the natural and environmentally safe alternative to disposable pads for lactating mothers.  Cloth nursing pads measure approximately 5" in diameter.  Choose a waterproof backing of PUL or Fleece, or keep them un-lined for improved breathability.  Great, even for heavy let-down.  Machine washable. 
Wool--Our recycled wool nursing pads are the economical, natural and environmentally safe alternative to disposable pads for lactating mothers.  These nursing pads are made from two layers of soft recycled wool.  They are then thoroughly lanolized, allowing them to absorb up to 40% of their own weight before feeling wet. As wool absorbs moisture, the lanolin is converted to lanolin-soap, creating an antibacterial effect, keeping the wool fresh, clean and hygienic.

Most women find that two pairs of our wool nursing pads are all they'll ever need. When one pair becomes wet, let it dry while wearing the other pair. As it dries, the lanolin is activated to clean the wool. The moisture is evaporated leaving behind only the milk solids.  This, over time, depending upon how much leakage you have, will cause the center of the pad feel "stiff" with white powdery milk spots, indicating they need to be washed.  See wool care instructions on our FAQ page.


Fertility Jewelry

  photo WP_001002.jpg 
Made from the finest genuine gemstones know to strengthen the female reproductive system and nourish fertility. 

Our Fertility Jewelry features:

regulates the menstrual cycle and boosts overall female energy and energy linked to reproductive health

rose quartz--balances  fertility, equalizes sexual functions and improves flow of reproductive hormones.

amethyst--promotes calmness and clarity

tiger eye--promotes reproductive healing

hematite--all purpose healing stone

citrine--promotes success

carnelian--Stimulates, balances and heals  the uterus, ovaries, fallopian tubes, cervix and vagina.

black onyx--provides stamina and strength to ensure a quick and easy childbirth

red coral--stimulates ovulation

turquoise--Connects physical and spiritual awareness, develops inner strength and calm

These gemstone chips and round beads have been carefully strung on quality jewelry stretch cord or wire and are secured with a clasp. 

Nursing Covers


Are you looking for a discreet way to nurse in public? 
 Now you can with a fashionable Nursing Cover from The Cat's Meow.
Our nursing covers offer total privacy during breastfeeding while also providing you with the ability to maintain eye contact with your baby.  Fully adjustable neck strap allows for maximum comfort. Also includes a 2-ply flannel "pocket/wipe" sewn in the bottom corner.
Available in a wide variety of fabrics.
Plus, you can "make it musical" by adding a tune to soothe and entertain your little one during mealtime. 
Avail. Tunes
O Surprise Me
P Over the Rainbow
Q Twinkle Twinkle
R Rock-a-bye Baby
S Love Story
T Take me...Ballgame
U God Bless America
V Teddy Bear's Picnic
W Small World
X You Light Up My Life
Y Music Box Dancer
Z Brahms' Lullaby

Fuzzy Minkee Momma Scarves


The softest, warmest, colorful minkee....
Add a splash of color to your winter blahs....these fuzzy minkee scarves are the purrfect addition to your winter wardrobe.  Fashionable, yet functional and oh so soft.  Approximately 60" long, 5" wide.  Available in a variety of colors and textures. 
Soothing Comfort Eye Pillow
Designed to provide comfort and relaxation and to naturally ease the pain of headaches this soothing eye pillow is filled with rice and scented with Lavender buds.  Simply place it in the microwave in increments of 25 seconds until desired warmth is reached, and apply to eye/forehead area. 
Ahhhhhhhhhhh!  Warmth lasts for hours.  Or, keep it in the freezer for cool relief.
Rice Sacks
Designed to provide comfort and relaxation during pregnancy and to ease the pains of labor the Maternal Comfort Rice Sack is available in a variety of colors and fabrics.  Recommended in Childbirth Classes.  Simply place it in the microwave for two minutes, remove and wrap around the pregnant tummy.  Ahhhhhhhhhhh!  Warmth lasts for hours.


Momma Pads


The Cat's Meow cloth menstrual pads are the environmentally safe and comfortable alternative to disposable pads.  In 4 great sizes, our pads are available in a variety of styles and fabrics, designed to be comfortable and absorbent, even for the heaviest of flows. Choose from soft flannel, microfleece, velour or suedecloth for your top layer and PUL, fleece, or flannel for the backing layer.  The absorbent core can be your choice of microfiber or hemp.  These pads also feature a nice selection of fastening options (see below for description.)  Poly resin snaps fasten the pads securely into place, or order them "wingless".  Buy them individually, or in a convenient, money saving package.
The designs:
  • Full Winged--Top and bottom layer, as well as some absorbent inner material extend fully to the wing area for maximum absorbancy.  This is our "bulkiest" pad.
  • Straight Wing--Top and absorbent layers are sewn and serged together separately, then mounted to the bottom layer, which is in a wing design to wrap around and protect the panties.
  • Contour Wing--Same as above, but with a comfort hourglass design for less bulk.
  • Quick Dry--Tri-fold design, mounted on a solid snap tab.  Designed for quick drying time, with lots of absorbancy.  (Not available in pantyliner).
  • Straight Snap Tab--All layers sewn and serged together. Small fastening tabs are then sewn to the underside of the pad for comfort and trimness
  • Contour Snap Tab--Same as above, but with a comfort hourglass design for even less bulk.
  • Straight Wingless--Same as Straight Snap Tab, but without tabs.
  • Contour Wingless--Same as Contour Snap Tab, but without tabs.

The sizes:

  • 7" Pantyliner--internal core of 3 layers flannel OR 1 layer of microfiber,  hemp, or Zorb
  • 9" Light Day--internal core of 2 layers of flannel AND 1 layer of either microfiber or hemp (or 1 Zorb w/ just 1 flannel)
  • 11" Regular--internal core of 1 layer of flannel AND 2 layers of either microfiber or hemp (or 1 Zorb)
  • 12" Maxi--internal core of 2 layers of flannel AND 2 layers of either microfiber or hemp (or 1 Zorb)
  • 12.5" Overnight--internal core of 2 layers of flannel AND 3 layers of either microfiber or hemp (or 2 Zorb)
  • 14" Overnight/Postpartum--internal core of 3 layers of flannel AND 3 layers of either microfiber or hemp (or 2 Zorb)


Nursing Necklaces

Beautiful,  stylish, and afordible nursing necklaces to captivate and entertain your little one.  Adjustable love knots fasten the break resistant cord allowing these beaded beauties to be worn safely at any length, without risk.  No metal clasps to bend or break, the beads are securely attached in the center of each necklace.  Purrfect for both breast and bottle fed babies.


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